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Greg Sullivan shares the experience of EarthWide travel. Look around, did you miss something? Not now, for you will see what is before you and what you hope to see as you travel Earth from Near to Afar. For many years Greg has carried a camera, now realizing a history of EarthWide travel experiences is in his portfolio. Share the adventure, keep traveling, and look around, look around! In the meantime, it's all right here.

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Greg evolved an interest in art and photography into an opportunity to personally enjoy and share visual EarthWide experiences. For years Greg carried a camera and developed an extensive portfolio. From a background in aviation as a U.S. Air Force and FAA Air Traffic Controller, and then as an employee of United Airlines, Greg was stimulated by events related to travel and seeing the world. During the time of his airline employment Greg concluded college and graduated with a degree in Journalism. He then went on to law school and received a Juris Doctor degree. He was active in the legal field for several years, but found more interest, pleasure and excitement in seeing the world and photographing his experiences. During the past several years Greg has devoted more time and emphasis on further development of his photographic interests and skills, especially as a visual art form. In recent years Greg has been on the road, in the air, and on the water, to and from exciting venues, with over 50 traveling adventures and more than one hundred destinations. Besides touring and photographing well-known places such as London, Paris, Madrid, Athens, Rome and Venice, Greg has visited off-the-beaten-path Islands such as Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Nevis, Malta, Minorca, Murano, Delos, Rhodes and Tinos in Greece, and Los Roques, Venezuela. Other exotic and interesting locations visited include Kyoto, Japan, Istanbul, Turkey, Kotor, Montenegro, Tunis, Tunisia in North Africa, and cruising up the Sea of Cortez, between Baja California and the mainland of Mexico, just to name a few. Unique Islands are a favorite, as well as unusual cruise ports, with many more to come.

Greg separates his photographic work into Galleries, which include Earth, Water, Sky, Urban, Humankind and Medley. In Earth, photos include nature, flora and fauna, scenics, and landscapes. In Water, beach scenes, sunsets at sea, rivers, riverbeds, lakes and cruising experience views predominate. Sky might be his favorite, and includes images of clouds, birds and airplanes in flight, steeples and columns into the sun and sky, sunsets, and aerial photography taken while onboard enroute aircraft. Urban provides the opportunity for architectural photography, and any city view or scene that attracts his eye. In Urban, the old and new evoke sharp contrast. In Humankind, Greg likes to capture people as they are relevant to their particular environments, as opposed to planning posed circumstances. Finally, in Medley Greg takes that which doesn't fit into one of the other Galleries and displays images he simply enjoys and finds striking and unique. These include cars, airplanes and any other visualization resulting in a photo that is an interesting or artistic image. Digitally modified images also fit into his Medley category. This unrestricted diversity provides a chance to capture any scene, circumstance or event, which offers an opportunity for a pleasing and memorable image, as opposed to settling-in on a particular genre. Most importantly Greg's attitude is Look Around, Look Around, it's all right there in front of you. And, with his camera he is able to share the experience, as he says, from near to afar, EarthWide, including scenes and circumstances derived from his own community and present locale.
My interest in photography is motivated by an observation of everything we see around us. Photography provides the opportunity to capture and retain a situation or view an occurrence observed. Savoring and saving the moment makes a life experience a life event to be shared. By looking around and capturing an image, a photograph taken from a unique perspective becomes art and a circumstance to be enjoyed and remembered. The camera provides the opportunity; the photographer completes the memory. So Look Around, Look Around! With my images, it's all right here.
Greg continues his education in photography by frequently attending classes and seminars from photography experts. Greg avidly reads a variety of periodicals and books relating to photography and art and the printing and display of art and digital images. There is an abundance of information and knowledge available to increase and develop skills in photography, especially now in the digital age. Each day provides new opportunities, the chance to gain new perspectives and improve photographic, digital editing, and printing skills.

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